• Certified Professional Leadership Development & Male Survivor Resiliency Coach

  • Coaching male survivors since 2001

  • Board member of a national male survivor organization

  • Are you a male survivor of childhood, adolescent, or adult sexual abuse looking for answers?

  • Are you looking for an integrative coaching approach to work through issues? (sound frequency, resiliency, workshops, emotional intelligence, personal leadership development, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, focused neuroplasticity..etc

  • Have you experienced talk therapy, but looking for more knowledge, support, accountability in addressing life issues affected by the trauma? (self-sabotage, masculinity, dysfunctional habits, F.E.A.R, intimacy..)

  • Are you searching for a coach who also is a survivor, who can personally relate to the complex issues, mental mind games, stigmas and stereotypes that male survivors face because he's been through it?

  • Are you willing to stare fear in the face with support and do what's required on this healing journey?

  • Are you wanting to rebuild life, business, relationships, after the trauma but need some help navigating?

  • Are you willing to invest time and financial resources?

  • Are you willing to make small incremental life and mind adjustments that can accelerate your journey? 

  • Are you looking to grow and build community and as you flourish, so you can give back and help others? 

How many "YES" did you answer?


The more Yes's the better possible fit for Thomas as a viable resiliency coach for you. 

If you have already done some work, but still not experiencing the freedom you desire, then let's have a serious conversation and collaboration session, to see if any of the programs fit.   

If you realize that it's probably going to require more than just disclosing your survivor narrative to successful build the fulfilling life you desire then this is the place for you.


One of my dreams?...​

Build 5-acre retreat center where I get to  share and incorporate these various facets of healing to other male survivors year-round. 

With kindness


..Pieces of Thomas' story

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”

- Bruce Lee -

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