A Unique Journey 20+ years

Thomas Edward (TBone)  CPC, ELI-MP, MNH, ACC, CHt

I once was called the king of trauma, childhood sexual abuse history is filled with violations of trust, abuse, torture and emotional pain. From age 6-15, I was sexually abused.

About nine perpetrators/abuser are part of my abuse history. That's just the beginning. I often share that journey during the coaching program with participants and during my speaking engagements. People ask, "How is that you have that big smile after all of that?"

As I started my healing journey years ago, during the stone age, there was not much help or understanding of sexual abuse, especially for men it was unheard.


I remember reflecting intuitively feeling and thinking, " You have to do more with this trauma stuff than just sit around and talk  about it each week. It's locked in my body and somehow I've been physiologically altered and changed." Guess what the scince and research now shows!

During my years in Seattle, I soaked up knowledge from graduate study of psychology and counseling, Bastyr herbal medicine, energetics, studied, kinesiology, cognitive thinking, sound frequency (which the Shaolin monks had introduced me to at the temple) leadership development and more...

I became a licensed massage therapist focused on male trauma to work through my Haphephobia, became certified strengths-based solution personal development and, certified executive coach, and certified hypnotherapist. I enjoy learning new modalities, techniques and disciplines that promote helping my clients get accelerated results.

All these represented multifaceted practices that accelerated my healing. Doing all this while navigating corporate careers at Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon coaching and training leaders.

Today I share those strategies, applications, ideas, thoughts, and techniques via support workshops, masterclasses, books, conference, and coaching to help male survivors on their healing journey. For me it also about making an impact on lives.  In 2011,  I was invited to Penn State area to help male survivors in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky abuse revelation and convictions.

My passion? I developed this coaching program  for those survivors that are tired of prolonging healing, want results, understand importance of growth and development, and want serious 1:1 mentoring support accelerating their journey.


"I understand how any type of unresolved trauma, asteroid or paper cut size from past or current life experiences can block us, creating limiting beliefs, and distortions that keep us from living life to its fullest, because I have lived it. The issue is tons of us are walking around not realizing the effects in our life. 

I've been helping male survivors for over 20 years, that's experience. 

I'm here for you if you're tired of being part of a statistic, 1 in 6.  If you want to beat the odds and transform, build the dreams you desire, and if you want to get real results. No more just sitting around talking about it. 

Unpack! Release! the past or current  trauma without all the drama."