Acknowledge + Define + Disclose + Retreat 


06 September, 2021



You're Ready For Transformation

Have you bought in the myth that : "Time heals all wounds" while you live in self-sabotage, low self-esteem, masculinity issues, etc, dealing with complex issues. Maybe you feel unfulfilled with where you’re at in life following your sexual abuse incident.  You've recently begun the journey, with no idea where to start, or on the  road to reclaim life. 

Who Does This Program Best Serve? 

It’s for the male survivor who no longer sees silence of his sexual abuse as a viable option.  The survivor who's searching for strength-based coaching solutions, tools, strategies, support, accountability and camaraderie to work through various complex challenges and learned responses. It's for the survivor, who watches the "voices" videos and says to himself, "I want to experience more freedom too! This is scary but, Let's go!

Who Does This Program Not Best Serve Yet? 

This program might be for you.  If your looking for confidence and a clearer path to creating the surviving to thriving life you desire.

This online course and live coaching program is based on the ADDMM principle I gleaned from my 20+ years of coaching male survivors, and developing  materials around these principles. Participants have reported expedited results in their complex challenges healing journey.

If you are dealing with acute explosive PTSD symptoms like constant intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, night terrors, recurrent nightmares, self-harming behaviors, deep depression, suicide ideations, etc., please solicit the help of a mental health professional. At this point your needs exceed the realm of this educational coaching program to inform and educate male sexual abuse survivors moving from surviving to thriving.  


Participants with previous therapy compared the first online course and coaching benefits to be equivalent to 2.5 years of their therapy time.  That's the goal giving back more time to live your life.

If you are seriously interested in the program, then click on link below to learn more about it. 

A Few Logistics 

The program launches September 2, 2021. Participant capacity for each cohort is limited. There are three modules (1) Acknowledge  (2) Define (3) Disclose +Retreat . There are two online group coaching sessions per module and some guest speakers interspersed.   There will be a live in-person weekend cohort masterclass retreat included in the program.