4 Weeks


24 May, 2021


You’re Here Because You Feel Called To Make A Difference In Your Life 

Maybe you feel unfulfilled with where you’re at in your life following your sexual abuse history.  You've done some talk therapy, or other modalities. You've addressed the acute PTSD issues, but still not seemingly where you want to be.  There's a gut feeling telling you: You are meant for MORE...

Or maybe you’ve already done some work, and yet here it is years later and the dreams and impact you wanted to make are not actualize due to some entrenched limiting beliefs from your abuse history. 

You know that becoming free is highly rewarding, fulfilling and it can transform you and your family's lives forever.  

The only problem is you haven’t yet found the confidence or the clear path to creating the thriving life you desire.

After a while you might begin to wonder...

  • "Do I really have what it takes to get through this and create the life I want?"

  • “How can I feel confident enough to finally work through and go for it?”

  • "Which path do I follow now that I've already tried?

  • "Can some sort of freedom really be possible?”

  • "Am I unconsciously sabotaging my life because of my past abuse?"

  • "Will the low self-esteem, no sense of identity, building support network, comfort in relationships, shame & guilt be overcome?"

I hear you. And to be honest, almost all male survivors I encounter are held back by many of these same doubts. 

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Overcoming Your Abuse 

Define It! - Part 1


Embark on the Journey - Week One

  • Defining your abuse

  • ACE Assessment

  • Healing Is A Choice

  • Was I Sexually Abused?

  • Why Adult Victims Don't Disclose

  • Stepping Out to Heal 1-2

  • Dissociation

  • Group coaching office hours

Our Reactions - Week Two 

  • Common Reactions to Our Sexual Abuse

  • Defining Terms & Unwanted Sexual Experiences

  • Define Abuse Exercise

  • Trauma Reduction Stress Aids

  • Rebuilding After Trauma

  • Dealing with Your Inner Critic 

  • Group coaching office hours

  • Trauma Years Later

  • Types of Abuse

  • Self-care Assessment

Brain Power - Week Three

  • Survivor stories

  • Memory & PTSD

  • Wounds That Time Won't Heal

  • Expressing Emotions

  • Acknowledging Abuse

  • 14 Psychological Effects of Abuse

  • Group coaching office hours

Not Who You Think - Week Four

  • Adam & Brad's Story

  • Adrift In Time and Space

  • Isn't One PTSD Enough

  • Interview With Bill Flashbacks

  • Happier Together Report

  • Defensive Coping Mechanisms 1

  • Defensive Coping Mechanisms 2

  • Survivor Stories

  • Why Abused Black Men Stay Silent

  • Growth Questions

  • Group Coaching office hours

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