Things to consider in hiring me as your coach

As you can probably surmise, I am very energetic and passionate about coaching.  A smile comes across my face each time I remember my clients success.  Overcoming and working through trauma and issues of male sexual abuse takes serious effort. I want you to consider a few things before working with me. 

My coaching approach is strength-based and centered. We will explore and vet out those resilient attributes and characters that kept you surviving, so we can utilize them to help you now thrive. I noticed in working with male survivors, once we identify strengths, understand how they are used, and learn new ways to apply them, they begin thriving. 

Coach and self-accountability are practiced. We often are challenged by our goals as we labor towards freedom.  Sometimes we're frustrated with the process of how to accomplish our goals to thrive.  This is why having regular appointments and allowing yourself to be supportively and respectfully-challenged is important. My contribution as your coach is to provide impetus for follow-through.  

Unconditional support helps you soar.   My support is not conditional upon you being a certain way.  I want to create a space of listening, compassion, respectful challenge, trust, process and acceptance.  Not a place of code switching.  I often say to my clients, "You can say whatever you need to say and it will not make my hair fall out!" They laugh because I have a shaved head.  As survivors we get enough outer and inner criticism, it's time we got the support!

Powerful Questions Generate New Possibilities

I worked with a Ph.D client whose specialty was trauma.  Yes, go figure! Feeling a bit intimidate I thought, "What does he need me for?" I challenged him with a question that prompted him to analyze the root of his ritualistic non-follow through. He said, "Damn! That's why I like your coaching.  You have this knack of asking powerful penetrating questions that move me to the next level." Sometimes we focus too much on the details and not the larger context: both are important! Great questions have the power to shift paradigms and create new possibilities for action.

Alignment is crucial. Goals can be meaningless if they aren't clearly aligned with who you are, who you want to be, and what's most important to you. I think of alignment like chiropractic, small significant gradual shifts and adjustments that eventually puts everything in it's right spot. Small incremental adjustment are easier to maintain. 

Feel free to schedule a consultation, so we can just have a nice chat and see if there's a good fit for both. 

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