• Certified Professional Leadership Development & Male Survivor Resiliency Coach

  • Coaching male survivors since 2001

  • Board member of national male survivor organization

My childhood sexual abuse history is filled with violations of trust, abuse, torture and emotional pain. From age 6-15, I was sexually abused, violated, perpetrated, raped, gunpoint, knifepoint, physically tortured. About nine perpetrators/abuser are part of my abuse history. I often share that journey during the coaching program with participants and during my speaking engagements. 

As I started my healing journey 30 years ago, there was not much help or understanding of sexual abuse, especially for men.  I remember sitting intuitively feeling and thinking, " This trauma stuff is more than just talking about it. It's locked in my body and somehow I've  been physiologically altered and changed."    Guess what the research now shows!  


Anecdotally, I knew this from an experiential perspective not a scientific, data driven, hooked up to wires.  In other parts of the non-westernize world, how did they handle trauma?  With that question, I traveled to China, to Shaolin temple and experienced what some had known for thousands of years, trauma is locked in the body, mind and spirit.  After my experience there, I returned home and I became a sponge. While working in the corporate world of Microsoft and Amazon, I took advantage of any type of personal development offered. 


During my years in Seattle, I soaked up knowledge from study of psychology and counseling, herbal medicine, energetics, studied, kinesiology, cognitive thinking, sound frequency(which the monks had introduced) NLP, leadership development, hypnotherapy,, became a licensed massage therapist focused on male trauma touch therapy, became certified strengths-based solution coach, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution.   I became a renaissance person. Yes, I enjoy learning new things.   


All these represented  multifaceted practices that accelerated my healing. Today I share those strategies, applications, ideas, thoughts, and techniques via workshops, books, conference, and coaching to help male survivors on their healing journey. 


I am a certified professional coach who has years of personal experience and coaching male sexual abuse survivors. 


If you are working with a therapist feel free to check in and see if this type of support, empowering resiliency coaching might be a viable option as well, depending on where you are in your journey.

Or If you are ready for a coaching program to determine your next steps.  Feel free to reach out and contact me about any questions. It's not all or nothing, but how we integrate all the pieces into our healing journey.  I am simply here to offer what I have as possibly another piece of your total journey. 

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”

- Bruce Lee -

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