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"I remember one of my challenges in healing and reclaiming from the abuse and trauma was finding informational resources, strategies, perspectives and solutions. These were things that my therapist never even addressed. I wanted more than disclosure and talking about it each week.  I wanted multi-faceted, integrative approaches to help address the various parts of who I am and the journey ahead. Thanks Thomas for providing and being a living personal resource."  - Rick B

In the coaching program, some of articles in the white papers have allowed me to objectively understand the guilt, shame, confusion of my abuse. So much about what I had been living with and dealing with for so long. Now I am able to put things in proper perspective. It makes so much sense to now. This is real education and explains how someone with more knowledge can use that knowledge to take advantage of you and convince you to think that you are something you are not……One of the most powerful pieces that I have ever read."  Eddie


Mental Gremlins Keep Abused Men Stuck

  • Mental gremlins

  • Top challenges sexually abused face

  • Accelerating your healing

  • Happier together report

  • Self-care check-in

Do You Remember?

  • Why I didn't remember

  • Three parts of brain affected by trauma

Corporate Leadership Not Exempt

  • CEO's executives early childhood trauma

  • CEO expert speaks on childhood trauma

You're Not Less of a Man

  • Being abused does not make you less

  • Abused by a female but treated like a perp

What Happened?

  • Was I sexually abused

  • Why we victims don't disclose

Being Men

  • Male sexual assault and arousal

  • Sexual abuse against gay and bi men

  • Being raped destroyed my masculinity

  • Sexual assault in today's military

It Happens Here Too

  • Military male sexual assault

  • Jeremy's song

  • David's song

Signs High-Functioning Abused Men

  • High function cover up

  • Misconceptions of trauma

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