This is it!


Remember that you are empowered in this reclamation journey. It's important to have accountability. Statistics show that when individual attend conferences, take courses, or trainings, that 3-4% are successful. What makes them special or different than the other 96%- 97%?  They actually implement one thing that they learned. That's it!  They implement one thing!  Just think how much more success if we can implement more than one. 

With kindness
Thomas Edward


"For  20 + years, Thomas has been a coach and mentor to men who want to overcome many of the traumas of childhood sexual abuse. Men who desire to be free and empowered to live full lives.  It is this work that has taken him across the globe. If you have seen his post in the forum, then you realize why this current portrait means so much to him. Dr. David, founder of the Project is part of Thomas' consciously-built family, his brother.  For years, both men have been supporting each other's work as they help male survivors throughout the world.  Always passing and missing each other like ships in the night. They were finally able meet in person for the first time  February 2020, right before COVID-19 struck.