The Experience



"Thomas this coaching program is so rich. You can tell that your lifetime of working with survivors influenced it.  I've worked with a therapist prior.  When I started your course with the weekly coaching, strategies and the breadth or your neuroscience knowledge in helping to understand what's occurring in the brain as we face various challenges is so needed.  I felt cheated by my therapist and wish I would have known about you earlier.  I will be moving on the Managing and Manifest parts of this journey.  -

Jimmy , 42

Support Group

I been working with a client for 1.5 month to unpack his trauma and build confidence.  Last week he mustered the courage to finally talk to the SVP.  Results, he was promoted and given a raise. Yes, he's transforming! That's what this is about. 

W.H.E.R.E are you at?