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Ready for a Magazine for Us!

What another milestone. When I started this journey to help male survivors in 2001, I had no idea of the impact it would have in the lives of male survivors.  Each year I plodded along building resources, conducting workshops, radio shows, website, retreats, books, conferences, courses and podcast.  Now embarking on creating another resource via digital magazine.  

Guys! Once again here we go. It has never been popular to discuss male childhood sexual abuse, however it’s always been needed.  Frank honest discussions without fear and judgment are so empowering.  It’s another hole in the dam, releasing the years and decades of silence.  One day may there be enough holes in the dam that causes it to break into pieces so the pain, hurt and healing of more that 20+ million male survivors can be validated. 

Until then, one hole at a time.

3 quarterly digital issues per year $39.95


( make sure to use the name and email address where you want your digital copies forwarded

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