Course & Coaching Program Experiences


"Thomas this coaching program is so rich. You can tell that your lifetime of working with survivors influenced it.  I've worked with a therapist prior.  When I started your course with the weekly coaching, strategies and the breadth or your neuroscience knowledge in helping to understand what's occurring in the brain as we face various challenges is so needed.  I felt cheated by my therapist and wish I would have known about you earlier.  I will be moving on the Managing and Manifest parts of this journey.  - Jimmy C.


We've barely scratched the surface and yet what you bring to the table is more than I've ever experienced before.  The frequency integration work  have not only helped me with the abuse issues, but are helping me to create a better business.  My business increased when I moved some the tools I learned to care for myself, to my team.  You are a godsend.   Bjorn V. 


"As a high-functioning man, I didn't want to admit that the abuse really affected me.  Being an executive was my cover up to say I'm okay. No one would ever think I had abuse issues.  Yet it was so lonely.  "Thank you so much for your flexibility and traveling to my location for the intense sessions. Totally worth the investment.  Even my confidence, decision-making and strategic thinking have improved from working through issues.  Plus your ability to not let me talk BS helped. I'm indebted to you.   - Executive


" I just finished the first module, Acknowledge, it's August. I'm so glad for the break in between modules. It is so true that it's like years of insight, strategies, and unraveling in months instead of years.  This is coming from a person who thought he had already done tons of work, not like this. With Thomas coaching along the way and the ability to interact and ask questions, share insights, it's totally better for me than just talk therapy.  I'm moving with more confidence and establishing boundaries already.  - Elwon -

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" It was during the coaching and hypnotherapy session with Coach T that I realized my anxiety about sex could be tracked back to the unwanted sexual experience that occurred during high school.  That experience which I thought had been forgotten about has complicated my sex life and I didn't even know it was related until know. Thanks Thomas, I get to move forward now." - Ashlan


"It's been 90 days. I now realize this is not just about the abuse per se, but all the dysfunction, bad habits and outlooks created.  I've been oblivious.  Today, during COVID downsize, I got a promotion.  I know for a fact it's due to the coaching and hypnosis.  My GM says he's noticed a shift and change in me. I know it's the Manifesting part of Thomas' coaching and hypnosis. The porn urges have diminished substantially.  A year investment that's actually producing results already that I want.  Bro, this is freakin awesome and my wife agrees. Who knows what the next 9 months will produce."  - Jerun