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Three phases of the journey.  Choose below

I have not yet disclosed, but thinking about me

  • Recently remembered, or accepted my childhood sexual abuse

  • Not totally certain if the abuse happened, I have no clear pictures

  • Disclosing is scary and overwhelming for me.

  • Stigma of male victims of sexual abuse

  • Who should I share this with?


I have disclosed and trying to figure out next me

  • I thought disclosing my story was enough, but it wasn't

  • What type of health modality do I seek?  

  • My life insurance will be revoked if I use a therapist, psychiatrist

  • Noticing small subtle things that are probably symptoms of C-PTSD

  • Be nice to talk with someone who's personally experienced this

  • Maybe attend a workshop

I disclosed, had a little help
and now dealing with C-PTSD me

  • Feeling uncomfortable in my own skin

  • Dealing with imposture syndrome

  • Discharged from therapy but no life solutions

  • Challenges ditching  addictive coping habits

  • Not certain how to create healthy boundaries 

  • Strained relationships and intimacy challenges

  • Family & friends can't understand "Aren't you over that already?"

  • Not progressing through life with purpose and passion

  • Inaccurately expressing emotions and connection

  • Hyper-vigilance, indecisive, low confidence, shame and stigma


I want life transformation. 
No more procrastination.
Let's do this!... help me 

  • I want healthy intimacy and relationships

  • I want to start creating the business, life and family I dream of

  • I want to become a beacon to help others 

  • I want safety, boundaries, security and connection

  • I want to bask in a new identity as thriver

"Parts of this journey can be so much easier with a guide"

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