Get A Taste of Moving Toward Freedom

Choose Your Plan


This is a Patreon-like platform  that allows you to become an active participant in the work you love by offering you a six month membership. If you are starting this healing journey with no idea where you are, this might be right for you.


You get access to exclusive content, community, and insight into the creative process. This allows me the freedom to give you my  best work, and build an independent creative platform. Also it protects  my hard work from those lifting it without compensating or credit . (I guess I could reframe it as a badge of honor, that others feel my programs are powerful, beneficial and getting results to the point of lifting them).  


Also this platform  helps participants to determine if their next move is full the blown coaching program with me.  


This is not about yanking your chain to be a subscription participant forever.   Some programs are like that. Here you get six months access and the subscription ends. For those that are on the fence, it gives an opportunity to get a taste and decide if you're ready.


Just to be frank, If you have not determined within the 6 months if you want to pursue Safe Place for Men Coaching & Hypnosis program,  it's probably not the right fit coaching program for you.


Let me be transparent, "I passionately enjoy working with committed, determined survivors who want to be free from parts of the trauma and who want to create a better life for themselves and loved ones. Those are my peps! " 


I also want to put something valuable out there for guys who may just be looking for more information, strategies, tools at a more remote distant approach, who may not be into the assistance of a personal coach, but want more tools. It's a win-win solution.




If you are enrolled in the full coaching program you have unlimited access to the insider's material  in addition to the program itself.

Just to give you a little stat, 90% of the men who decided to go on with the full blown coaching program toward transformational change, decided within 4 weeks of starting the Tier 3 program.  That's one of the goals, to give you an opportunity to determine where you want to go on your healing journey.  Whether it be with me or someone else.  

Whatever level you enter or leave, the program you decide to enroll or not enroll, may your journey be blessed with more growth, healing, support and transformation. 

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