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This is a Patreon-like platform  that allows you to become an active participant in the work you love by offering you a six month membership. Please don't purchase a tier unless you are ready to start moving forward and put in active energy. I don't want you to waste time, energy, finances.  Come back later when ready or at a point where you can see the value for yourself and your healing. If you are starting this healing journey with no idea where you are, this might be right for you. Once you purchase a tier, you'll sign up to become a site member to gain access the the materials below.   Below this is where you gain site member access to the website by purchasing your level of engagement below. 


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You will not find these discussion on the regular podcast site. These discussions and topics allow us to go a bit deeper for those men who want to take healing to a different level.

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The reality, space on the internet is costly. This allows you access to old archive podcasts.

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