49 Reasons for Using a Professional Certified Coach

Coaching is enjoyable, inspiring and motivational. You get the opportunity, to explore, discover, and pursue those dreams that terrify you and gain the confidence to achieve them. Even more exciting is learning and using the brain neuroscience of habit to empower you to shift your thinking and life. What would it feel like to have your brain on your side? You find it easy to get things done and accomplished for others; job, family, colleagues, friends but have the tendency to place your goals on the backburner. It’s time to get burning and create progress. There is no better time like the present. Whether you use my coaching services or not here are some reasons over the years that clients have enlisted the use of coaching.

1.   Help you recognize your real strengths

2.   Ready to reach your goals

3.   You feel like all hope is gone

4.   You want to realize your dysfunctional habits

5.   You want to make more money

6.   Your business, relationships, and finances are whacked

7.   You want to become more decisive

8.   You want to get help creating your vision

9.   You want to step out of your comfort zone

10. You want to get out of the negative headspace

11. Your actions don’t support your beliefs

12. You’re facing a major transition

13. You want to discover a process

14. You want insights into yourself

15. You’re a procrastinator and need accountability

16. You want to be more efficient

17. You want to move past the pain the frustration

18. You want growth in a certain area of your life

19. You want to save time finding your answers

20. You would like to curtail your limiting beliefs

21. You desire to keep the negative-talk in check

22. You want to focus on your outcomes

23. You want to get past a traumatic block

24. You want to discover your purpose

25. You know that even successful individual constant have a coach

26. You want to shorten your learning curve toward success

27. You want to create a plan for your vision

28. You want to be more congruent

29. You want to challenge your beliefs

30. You want to reach your goals or outcome faster

31. You have lost momentum and want to regain it

32. You doubt yourself

33. You want to overcome a struggle

34. You want to stop listening to your own B.S

35. You want to eliminate subconscious low-value habits

36. You want a sounding board that’s objective

37. You need a confidence boost

38. You want to change profession

39. You have no idea where to begin

40. You are unable to define a clear vision

41.  You get easily sidetracked

42.  You’re an expert on wasting time

43.  You want positive support in building your dream

44.  Anxiety and stress are stopping you

45.  You want an edge

46.  Self-coaching is not working for you

47.  Extremely busy schedule is hindering you

48.  You want to create success routines

 49. You want a non-judgmental space to achieve 

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