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What Male Trauma Survivors are Missing?

Over the years of coaching male survivors, I’ve noticed a simple correlation. We get great results when part of the coaching uses tools and strategies used in coaching my executive business clients. Via collaborative coaching one can help survivors overcome traumatic obstacles using common business principles. Each time it seems to activate their passions giving birth to new healing strategies while fostering a growth transformative mindset, that delivers some powerful outcomes. What is the key to such success? A Healing Vision.

Your Healing Vision

You have probably heard me ad nauseam proclaim, “Many survivors never completely triumph because they have no healing vision.” In my years of executive coaching, one point I berated and hammered to death involved creating a vision. I began to introduce the concept into the world of healing male sexual abuse, and it activated and produced unparalleled results. When working through a traumatic issue like sexual abuse, creating a vision for your healing at first seems impractical, whimsical, and perhaps a waste time, but it’s not. Just like in business you are creating a powerful outlook and picture of the life you want to actualize. It serves as an effective blueprint toward accomplishing your goal. Your healing vision serves as a compass to help guide you towards making the best choices and following the best actions.

You Need a Healing Vision

If you analyze any success story you will find a common thread. A thread that supports the idea that with a vision you are more apt to not only succeed but transform far beyond what you could achieve without a crystal-clear vision. With your healing vision you are mapping a road to achieve your dreams. I notice survivors are motivated to create personal happiness and life satisfaction when they can visualize it within reach. When collaborating with clients I tout the idea, “if you don’t develop your healing vision, life, circumstances or others will create one for you and these will direct your course of life, not you!”

Creating Your Healing Vision

Okay, don’t expect magic to happen. It doesn’t happen like this in the business or leadership world, and will not magically appear in your healing. You must be intentional. In other words, don’t presume a well thought out clearly defined healing vision to form overnight. In working with clients, I introduce three modules on healing vision work through the program. Envisioning your new life and determining its course via the debility trauma, automatic negative thinking, and self-sabotaging require time and reflection. In coaching we cultivate perspective and discernment while applying logic, planning and practical application. Your vision must resonate with your true values and ideals to generate the energy, enthusiasm and motivation needed to strengthen your commitment to heal.

So, what do you want?

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