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Stop letting the trauma defeat you.  Learn to overcome the self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs in a safe community and environment

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Liberating Male Survivors 

The Stats

What's the average age range where men who were abused during childhood finally look for help to deal with the issues?  Late 40's  to early 50's. 

 Common phrases after starting the program

  •  Why did I wait so long!

  • Glad I'm not  doing this on my own.

  • Making up the years I let fear win. 

  • Great opportunities  to rebuild  no more procrastinating" 


Empowering  Male Survivors 

the Benefactors

"In the first session, Coach Thomas asked me, "What is your healing vision?" In my head, I'm thinking, 'What does he mean? Why is that important?' However, after the first month, I realized that Thomas' intention involved not only helping me heal from the abuse, betrayal, and trauma but forging, creating, and manifesting my life as a whole person. As we addressed the issues, found solutions, and executed strategies, we also developed a plan to assess my strengths and talents and build a new career that empowered me financially. Who does coaching like that?  He's serious about investing life energy into those men who really want to heal. I'm ecstatic that  I invested in myself going through the program. I still have my TransFORM binder and the journal I revisit once in a while to keep growth continuing."

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Liberating Male Survivors 

The Mission

To supply the male survivor of childhood sexual abuse with practical tools, coaching, insight, and support as he works through various parts of his trauma narrative. In addition, to encourage him to build a safe, healthy community and create a life filled with joy and purpose. 

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Building Community & legacy

Travel- Where's Coach T?

Hey, this is your chance to possibly meet with Coach Thomas while he is traveling.  Send him an email.  If he has time on his calendar to meet and chat with you, he'll do his best to make it happen.   

Survivors -to-Thrivers

The Task

Achieving the level of peace, fulfillment, and joy you desire following childhood sexual abuse does not happen by accident.  Watch the video.  Hear the voices of men who committed to the program and received the best-imagined ROI.  Start email course below to accelerate your start.  Ready, get set....Grow!

Digital Magazine  $39.95

It's Finally Here

I constantly attempt to create resources for male survivors to facilitate the journey. The written articles and shared stories come from survivors like you—men who are reclaiming their lives from the complex- PTSD of their abuse. In coaching, I ask my participants, "How do you plan to give back to the community when our time ends?" Some supply scholarships for others, create events, lead a workshop or write. This quarterly digital magazine represents various survivors giving back.  Three issues are produced yearly at $39.95

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Magazine anchor

Building Community & legacy


It's time!  No more being afraid to step into a room filled with other men who can relate.  Men who share pieces of your life in their stories. Men ready to be accepted, supported, and encouraged to work out the issues. That's what you can find at the Safe Place workshops. Caveat: you must be ready to embrace uncomfortableness, vulnerability  that are part of empowered change. 

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