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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb 

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The weekend in Seattle was a life changer. It was the best weekend in my life. I was positively surprised. I totally liked the style the workshops were conducted. The no pressure no condemnation and the environment is a place of honesty and refuge, in a materialistic world where appearance is all.  Giving what my therapist charged each week  over the past 3 years, you supplied more healing in a weekend. I wish I would have found you earlier.  I could have saved thousands of dollars while healing.  Thomas you transformed my life. This is best investment ever.  – Richard -

I probably represent a myriad of men in leadership who struggle with some of the effects of CSA.  It has been difficult all these years holding this destructive secret inside and attempting to rescue myself.  I am certain that many adult male survivors in high profile roles deal with the FEAR.  I really want to thank you for providing a perspective for helping me to see how the pornography served as a defensive mechanism, a distraction, to cope with what happened to me. There is no other place I could have honesty shared this. It has provided answers to understanding some the behavior and strategies for battling it.   - Jarrod-

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