" ... the more you helped me understand some of the science the easier it became" 


          - Jim K. from Austin, Texas

For many survivors the road to reclaiming life is a tedious one.  In my years of coaching, I have noticed some of the difficulties often stems from not receiving support and information that really helps survivors get out of the gate running. 

" Thomas I am astonished.  The things we covered in the coaching session help me progress and work through tons of issues."

The HUB is simply a compilation from years of coaching male survivors and tracking the common themes the guys reported helped them to progress forward toward some answers in reclaiming life from the CSA.  Purchasing the coaching programs are intended to help you transition through the various stages together with a coach.


The HUB is a place you can simply purchase a single online course without the group or 1:1 coaching from me that the coaching programs provide. 



If you were not able to attend the 3-Day virtual workshop

 June 2020 when we covered these topics, you can now. 

  • Empowering recovery with Science

  • Knowledge is Power

  • Speeding Our Recovery

  • Guilt and shame

  • Self-Blame Cycle

  • New Definition of Shame

  • The Guilt and shame of freezing

  • Science of Freezing During the Assault

  • Power of the Shame

  • Why Didn’t I Resist, Fight, Yell, Kick, Scream etc.?

  • Three types of freezing 



Downloads for your selected coaching program

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