What does it look like?

If you watched Scott's video, then you have an idea of results.  There's was no way he would have made that video with boldness, confidence and passion before going through the Safe Place Coaching program. Not saying that you have to make a video.  However, to be in a place where you are no longer shackled to the abuse secret, to the stigma, fear, or dysfunctional habits is powerful. 

Coaching weekend workshops


1. After a consultation with Thomas if we determine it's a good fit, then you are given an application. Fill out the registration application.  Then you are interviewed by Thomas. If you are accepted into the coaching workshop then the journey begins. 


2. Before the coaching workshop retreat you are given assignments to complete and work through. Some of the assignments build bonds with other participants, making your physical face-to-face introduction at the workshop easier. We have fun with it (give each other superhero names sometimes) 


3. We have held the workshop retreats at lodges, outdoor camps, cabins,  hotel, and  residence depending on costs,  availability and areas where survivors are open for meeting. We request all participants to hold confidentiality for each other to create a  safe, sense of acceptance and belonging so guys can connect as they disclose their stories.


4. Some take a flight or may actually drive. Participants arrive Wednesday evening. We start the workshop off with dinner together as a new group and we end it three days later at breakfast as a new family of brothers. Each participant shares several issues they would like to have coached, work through, or talked about. Like intimacy, emotions, sex, masculinity, having guy friends. Examples that guys have come up in past workshops--  list here


5. Depending on location we have varies activities from hikes, movies, fishing, canoeing, beach or waterfall hikes. Depends on what's available in the area. 

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6. Continue the workshop through Saturday morning breakfast. Wrap up with a group podcast. Everyone returns home. Hold monthly check-in meeting until we return for part 2 usually 6-9 months later for those interested in continuing. We simply continue to build our  band of brothers and rapport.  


7. Some participants who desire more personal coaching in other areas like leadership, building business, relationships, or other areas Thomas coaches may work with him during the interim. 

8. Advice to international travelers, I would suggest arriving a day earlier if possible, jet lag. Let me know ahead of time if you would like to stay a few days over for extra coaching, or tour area time. 


Please understand that convicted sex offenders do not participate in the program. We try our best to create a safe atmosphere.  Working with survivors who are also adult convicted sex offenders creates an unsafe feeling for many participants. We want to avoid hindering progress.)

Transparency:It's often  an intense, but rewarding workshop to attend.  Keep an open mind and be ready for insights, letting down your guard and feeling. a bit freer.  Think about it!  How cool to have a group, a family for some, that relates to you on this level. For some that's just what they need to begin the journey.