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Survivors are overcoming being stuck in life to successfully change feelings, thoughts, or behaviors, habits; stumbling in low-performance, self-sabotage, or dysfunctional living. Living the life they desire.


They are defeating the stuckness fueled by the ongoing influences of past events and experiences. Finally, realizing that slapping a new coat of paint on the outside does not repair the self-structure or eliminate those obvious or subtle" imprints” that keep them chained.


Inside you know you can be powerful, more than enough. That you can get some new neural pathways firing in your brain, new visions forming, and new positive narratives motivating you to places of abundance, love, joy and empowerment instead of despair

What's your too-much behavior scenario? (I eat too much, drink, sex, work out, over-react, hypervigilant, low-confidence, insecure masculinity, feeling inadequate, feel guilty, feel shame) These are simply indicators that underlying issues have not been resolved.

Make a choice now! 

You want to live a life not continually plagued by your past abuse.  You want a life filled with more joy, happiness, contentment, success, fulfillment, feeling confident, healthy relationships, healthy intimacy, being comfortable in your own skin, emotional balance? 

You too can achieve these states.  Watch the videos.  Notice the transformation of others. You do want that!  Who wouldn't!  Then decide now it's time  to to experience freedom to live the life you desire.




For most of my clients, they report the tools I use to be quite effective.  These tools and techniques access vital information that you need to bypass critical factors. Clients report that our session work faster than conventional talk therapy. Across my clientele the average time spent in conventional talk therapy before arriving at my door is 6.2 years. Although each client is unique, depending on what they present, the time spent with SAFEPLACE getting results, feeling better, dissolving issues, hitting milestones, occurs in months, not years. 


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” -Leo Tolstoy