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Men Who What A Personal Guide Toward Success

No More Shame

It's time to heal

  • No more Impostor syndrome

  • No more being uncomfortable in your own skin

  • No more feeling less than...

  • No longer afraid to disclose

  • No longer afraid of intimacy 


Ditching Dysfunction

Eradicating harmful coping mechanisms

  • Ditching our addictive coping habits

  • Creating healthy boundaries in our relationships

  • Progressing through life with purpose and passion

  • Accurately expressing ourselves

  • Decreasing our automatic negative thoughts

  • Stop medicating our pain with harmful substances

Enjoying Life

Make yourself at home in who you are

  • Healthy intimacy and relationships

  • Creating the business, life and family you want

  • Becoming a beacon to help others 

  • Safe, secure and connecting 

  • Basking in a new identity as thriver


Let's forge your path


Conducting workshops, retreats, speaking, conferences, individual and group coaching male survivors to move from survivor-to-thrivers since 2001.

Thomas Edward. CPC, ELI-MP, MNH, ACC, CHT


"I wanted to share my voice.  I recently started the program. What led me here was my wife and family. More of an ultimatum! One of my survivor issues revolved around dysfunctional coping mechanisms ..

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Limited seats

"Parts of this journey can be so much easier with a guide"

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