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Men who have experienced childhood or adult sexual abuse or assault Do Not Have to travel this path alone. 

Your Go-to Spot for Coaching Male Survivor Issues

Men Who What A Personal Guide Toward Success

No More Shame

It's time to heal

  • No more Impostor syndrome

  • No more being uncomfortable in your own skin

  • No more feeling less than...

  • No longer afraid to disclose

  • No longer afraid of intimacy 


Ditching Dysfunction

Eradicating harmful coping mechanisms

  • Ditching our addictive coping habits

  • Creating healthy boundaries in our relationships

  • Progressing through life with purpose and passion

  • Accurately expressing ourselves

  • Decreasing our automatic negative thoughts

  • Stop medicating our pain with harmful substances

Enjoying Life

Make yourself at home in who you are

  • Healthy intimacy and relationships

  • Creating the business, life and family you want

  • Becoming a beacon to help others 

  • Safe, secure and connecting 

  • Basking in a new identity as thriver


Let's forge your path


Conducting workshops, retreats, speaking, conferences, individual and group coaching male survivors to move from survivor-to-thrivers since 2001.

Thomas Edward. CPC, ELI-MP, MNH, ACC, CHT


" I wanted to share my voice.  I recently started the program. What led me here was my wife and family. More of an ultimatum! One of my survivor issues revolved around dysfunctional coping mechanisms for dealing with the sexual abuse. Pornography!  In therapy we didn't address the remaining issues. Another survivor told me about Safe Place.  Coach T already had a program ready to go. With the use of coaching, hypnosis, and learning how to "wrench" a habit, I'm starting to overcome. I'm learning about abuse, brain trauma, and sexual abuse that's making this battle easier.  It's just different when the person working with you has experienced sexual abuse also, plus had to overcome survivor issues and dysfunctions also

-  Darren

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