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I have not yet disclosed, but thinking about me

  • Recently remembered, or accepted my childhood sexual abuse

  • Not totally certain if the abuse happened, I have no clear pictures

  • Disclosing is scary and overwhelming for me.

  • Stigma of male victims of sexual abuse

  • Who should I share this with?


I have disclosed and trying to figure out next me

  • I thought disclosing my story was enough, but it wasn't

  • What type of health modality do I seek?  

  • My life insurance will be revoked if I use a therapist, psychiatrist

  • Noticing small subtle things that are probably symptoms of C-PTSD

  • Be nice to talk with someone who's personally experienced this

  • Maybe attend a workshop

I disclosed, had a little help
and now dealing with C-PTSD me

  • Feeling uncomfortable in my own skin

  • Dealing with imposture syndrome

  • Discharged from therapy but no life solutions

  • Challenges ditching  addictive coping habits

  • Not certain how to create healthy boundaries 

  • Strained relationships and intimacy challenges

  • Family & friends can't understand "Aren't you over that already?"

  • Not progressing through life with purpose and passion

  • Inaccurately expressing emotions and connection

  • Hyper-vigilance, indecisive, low confidence, shame and stigma


I want life transformation. 
No more procrastination.
Let's do this!... help me 

  • I want healthy intimacy and relationships

  • I want to start creating the business, life and family I dream of

  • I want to become a beacon to help others 

  • I want safety, boundaries, security and connection

  • I want to bask in a new identity as thriver


Forge your path


Coach Thomas Edward. CPC, ELI-MP, MNH, ACC, CHT

Conducting workshops, retreats, speaking, conferences, individual and group coaching male survivors to move from survivor-to-thrivers since 2001.


"I wanted to share my voice.  I recently started the program. What led me here was my wife and family. More of an ultimatum! One of my survivor issues revolved around dysfunctional coping mechanisms ..


"Parts of this journey can be so much easier with a guide"

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