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Did you know that via workshops, conferences, books, retreats and 1-on-1, I’ve coached thousands of male survivors on their journey toward freedom.


My journey coaching men to transform from survivors to thrivers started in 2001 with the first workshop in Seattle, WA with seven men.  


I realized my greatest struggle wasn’t just admitting the childhood sexual abuse occurred but accepting the far-reaching effects it had on my life and the work it requires to reclaim life from the subtle dysfunctions, self-sabotaging, and limiting beliefs you convince yourself are a normal part of who you are, but really are not and stem from influences of the sexual abuse.

I wanted to create a safe place for male survivors who were ready for support, a non-judgmental atmosphere, tools, insights, coaching and community that could accelerated their journey to building their best life.


In my courses and coaching you'll learn more about the steps I and other successful survivors to thrivers took to get the level of freedom they experience today. You'll learn the insights, strategies and techniques that help us remain successful. I can't wait to share it with you!

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"We've barely scratched the surface and yet what you bring to the table is more than I've ever experienced before.  The frequency integration work  have not only helped me with the abuse issues, but are helping me to create a better business.  My business increased when I moved some the tools I learned to care for myself, to my team.  You are a godsend".   Bjorn V. 

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" It was great being in a place where there were no taboo subjects.  I enjoyed your idea of disclosing without minimizing and sanitizing our abuse narratives.  I realized I was cleaning up my story as I disclosed to protect my abuser.  This has been a lifelong pattern for me, that started with the abuse. No more! No longer!  This retreat with my band of brothers empowered me to not only speak my truth but to live it authentically".   - Ashlan -