Celebrating 20 years of helping male survivors of childhood, adolescent, and adult sexual abuse to create a liberating life.

" one of the best, if not the best male survivor coaching program, I've experienced" - John S




Reclaiming and recovery from sexual abuse is not simply  about disclosing your story.  It is about creating a compelling and balanced future for you; and also offering up the tools to enable sustainability and mastery for your life goals today and in the future. (Watch the videos to see other's experiences)

As we work through the challenges we will help you achieve your life-long goals with this systematic approach:

  • Create a compelling future.

  • Create momentum for consistent action.

  • Master your emotions.

  • Insure balance in ALL areas of your life.

  • Destroy beliefs that do not serve you and discover beliefs that will.

  • Move away from motivation only and toward mastering the art of self identity.

  • Develop outcomes that keep you focused.

  • Introduce concepts and strategies relating to reaching personal  goals

When guys start working with me, they often are wanting and looking for three things:

They want a certified coach, someone trained who’s going to collaborate and help find solutions, while listening to their narratives, and believing them.

They want a non-judgmental friend, someone who really cares not only about their story, but what’s affecting them today.  A friend to trust and be honest. 

They want an advocate, someone who comes alongside that has personally experienced sexual abuse, who understands and shares their experiences. 


Certified Professional Leadership Development & 

Male Survivor Resiliency Coach

coaching male survivors since 2001

What are the results you want in reclaiming your life from the aftermath of the sexual abuse? What limiting beliefs, dysfunctional habits, ineffective strategies from the imprints of your abuse are keeping you from thriving in life? What life, family and work culture are you creating?

Healing one story at a time

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